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T Bruvik AS is located in Bergen. Our customer base is the processing industry onshore and offshore.

T Bruvik AS provides products and solutions for maintenance and cleaning of heat exchangers, ventilation ducks and pipes.

T Bruvik AS has a specialized department for high pressure hosing with emphasis on tank cleaning. Though specialization and strong competence T Bruvik AS find solutions and facilitate where the individual business needs special expertise.

T Bruvik AS is specialized in cold work EX and are using the latest technology replacing the hot work in several areas.

T Bruvik AS uses up to date equipment for video inspection of ventilation ducts and pipes. Newly developed cleaning systems with rotary tools and dry ice blasting. New technology by cleaning and plugging of pipes with cold work EX.

Tanks cleaning with high pressure jetting.

Sales and installation of dust/water vacuum cleaners for most applications.

T Bruvik AS provides integrated solutions, comprising personnel and equipment solutions onshore, offshore and onboard vessels in need of our expertise.