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Dry ice pellets accelerates in the airflow hits with high speed unwanted coating, which is hereby removed.

Cleaning with dry ice pellets are an efficient and clean method for removing grease and dirt in ducts without any mess.

  • Powered by compressed air, mixed with dry ice pellets
  • No need of chemicals or water
  • Dry ice evaporates, no remains of the blast media and less waste
  • Especially efficient on electrical components, motors and where it is not suitable to use detergents
  • Fitted with collection bag for the waste
  • 3mm dry ice pellets
  • Carbon dioxide CO2 solid 79oC
  • Natural part of the atmosphere
  • Non-toxic colorless and odorless
  • Delivered in isolated special containers

Tørrisblåsemaskin med selvgående traktor Roterende dyse med sentreringsring Tørrisblåsemaskinen med traktor påmontert kamera. Fra styringsenheten til venstre for monitoren kontrolleres hele utstyret
Brannspjeld før rengjøring Kanal under rengjøring. Rengjort område vises tydelig Ferdig rengjort kanal.

Applications where it may be appropriate to use dry ice blasting:

  • Electro mechanics, to clean directly in electric motors and technical systems with electrical components
  • Printing, to remove wet and dry ink, powder, paper dust and adhesive residues
  • Bookbinding, purification of the melt glue tube
  • Timber industry, cleaning production equipment from adhesives, acid-based coatings, UV-vanish and resin
  • Food industry, clean packaging machines for adhesive paper dust and residuals
  • Plastic industry, remove gently plastic coating and polyurethane foam

This is just a small selection of specific tasks that can be solved, but the method can be used in many other applications where oil, grease, glue, resin, paint, wax, ink, asphalt, soot, gum etc. needs to be removed. The use of dry ice for industrial cleaning is not new, but until teasentley a little known method. If the development is like in Denmark, where the use of dry ice in the cleaning increases rapidly, the method will also have a great potential in Norway.

The cleaning method comprise of three simulaneous effects:



Tørrispillene akselererer i luftstrømmen og treffer med høy hastighet det uønskede belegg, som herved fjernes.


Because of the dry ice low temperature (- 79 oC) the coating becomes brittle and forming cracks and can easily be removed


When dry ice pellets hit a surface, they transform to solid gas. This causes the volum to increase 700 times and "blowing" of the coating