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Cleaning line


Air compression powered tube cleaner


AWT-100 is an easy, secure and flexible tool, designed for all types of cleaning in pipe systems as heat exchangers, chillers and HVAC ducts, etc. Rotating brushes, and other rotary tools, (it may be from polishing brushes to hard metall drill/bore) is driven via a flexible shaft. AWT is compressed air powered and for use in areas with EX equipments. The system consists of 2-3 units, each about 30 kg that can easily be transported on – and offshore. Applications from Ø 6.4 mm to Ø 127 mm (larger on request), length up to 23 meters for all types of deposits.

T Bruvik AS has developed the system for cleaning of pressurized piping systems that are in operation. This method is used in the hot oil system at Statoil Kollsnes with a pressure of 10 bar and temperatures around 240 C.